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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a very popular alternative to glasses. To wear contacts, you must first come in for a contact lense consultation. At this consultation I will make sure that you are a suitable candidate for contact lenses and advise you on what type of contact lense would suit you best. There are many varieties of contact lenses that suit every lifestyle.

Daily Disposables
Daily disposable lenses are the most commonly used. They are thin and very comfortable to wear. As they are only worn once, there is no need for cleaning solution. Daily lenses are a good option for people who would like contact lenses to wear for social occasions or sport. For long term, everyday wear however, they can prove expensive.


Two Weekly Lenses and Monthly Lenses
Two weekly/monthly lenses are a good option for those wanting to wear lenses everyday as they are cheaper than dailies. However they do need more care as they need to be stored in solution when not in use.


Hard Lenses
Hard lenses, or Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) are available. The are a very healthy option as they allow more oxygen through to the eye than soft lenses. However, they do require a longer settling in period.

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